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I am an educationist. Illuminating chemistry for class eleventh and twelfth students. Teaching is not just explaining, but it is creating a visual image. An image that you can be easily recollected in times of recapitulating. As a matter of fact, sharper the visual image better is understanding. Since its a competitive arena and scores surely make a difference. An equally important is better understanding.

Concentrate on creating visual image.

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Thinking critically is more than just thinking clearly or rationally; it’s about thinking independently.


Everything that is connected with interpretation and construction of something new, requires the indispensable participation of imagination.
problem solving


Everything that is connected with problem-solving skill, requires understanding, identifying and resolve.


Creativity is the capacity to think unconventionally, imagine new scenarios, and produce astonishing work..


Adaptability is s being a perpetual optimist and exhibiting extraordinary resilience in both attitude and action.


Ethical discussions discern the dangers of faulty rationalization and better prepare them to handle external pressures.

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I Studied Chemistry with Rajeev Sir, for two years in eleventh and twelfth. Guys if you are struggling in chemistry and wondering if anybody is here to help you. Contact Rajeev sir. He makes chemistry so simple to digest. You start enjoying studying chemistry. He is one of the best teachers I came across.

_Dhariya vir,

I got a reference from one of our family friends when I was struggling with chemistry in class eleventh. I became phobic in chemistry. But after joining Rajeev Sir, everything started moving in a positive direction. Slowly I got rid of chemistry phobia and did reasonably well in my eleventh examinations. But you won't believe I got 94% marks in chemistry in board examinations. I did very well in my competitions. For me, Rajeev Sir is GURU & MENTOR for guidance and help. I am pursuing medicine and still, I ask for his guidance.


When I reappeared for my NEET examinations, I studied with Rajeev Sir, In my first attempt I scored very bad in chemistry, but after studying for a year things changed very quickly, I gained confidence in chemistry and I was able to score very well my percentile in NEET chemistry was 99.98%. Finally, I got admission in Government Medical college. All those out there struggling with chemistry should approach Rajeev Sir for chemistry.

_Tejasvi Parmar,

Tejasvi Parmar
I studied chemistry under Mr. Rajeev from 2007-2009. It was probably my weakest subject and had a tough time understanding and concept and application of Organic Chemistry.
However, The technique of his teaching made it easier to understand and memorize the concepts. From being unable to score minimum passing marks, I scored 73/100 in class 12th board exams in chemistry alone.
Apart from being a Teacher, Mr. Rajeev had been a mentor guiding me to become the person I am today. For that I thank him.

_Heena Khokha,

Heena Khoka1
I studied with Rajeev sir in class XII. My concepts in chemistry were very weak. his teaching is really magical. In four months of class twelfth, I was performing better than my colleagues. I was able to score very well in twelfth board exams. Thank you, sir.

_Pranshu Seghal,

Pranshu Sehgal
Rajeev sir is a gem of a person. His style of teaching makes chemistry so interesting that you are unable to resist understanding.  Thank you Rajeev sir for all the effort for your motivation, counseling, and coaching.

_Kartik Sharma,

kartik sharma
I would like to thank Rajeev Sir for all his efforts in teaching chemistry. I would say "his method of teaching chemistry is amazing". He makes chemistry so simple that you are committed to work it out.

_Titksha Dhiman,

Titiksha Dhiman

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